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Arena irrigation

Something against dust

Dust development is a well known problem in riding arenas. Low humidity and intensive usage of the soil leads to dust and fine sand blowing up and through the arena. Training under these circumstances is not pleasant nor very healthy for horse and rider.

The perfect surface

To counter this dust forming Q-line® has developed a number of irrigation systems. These systems create an equal soil humidity in your arena. You never again have to worry about unhealthy sand and dust. The system can be set to operate automatically or can be controlled manually so that at any time you and your horse have the perfect foundation to ride on.

greater longevity

An equally sprayed foundation has a significantly longer life span and makes it a better surface to ride on. Q-line® utilizes special nozzles that create a mist that equally spreads over the arena. The Q-line® irrigation systems are designed and build according to the highest norms and latest technological standards, where the safety and comfort for you and your horse come first. Your indoor or outdoor arena, durable and free of dust with Q-line®.